Ship’s agency

UNITEK has gained the tremendous experience in providing the full range of services in ship’s agency. We guarantee the highest quality and the most competitive terms of the services which are rendered within the shortest period of time. Our qualified agents, anytime, are ready to assist in:

  • communication with the local port authorities and terminals;
  • arranging of immigration formalities;
  • custom clearance and preparation of necessary documents upon vessel’s arrival and departure;
  • protection of ship owner’s interests;
  • meeting the domestic needs of vessel’s crewmembers (mail, parcels, communication etc.);
  • crew change (visa formalities, meeting at the airport, transportation onboard the vessel/from the vessel, hotel accommodation);
  • medical service;
  • storage of ship’s supply/provision, worldwide shipping, shipment tracking;
  • loading and discharging works, freight forwarding;
  • rat extermination in ship’s living quarters and workrooms.

Our company offers the services of ship’s agent to all kinds of vessels: bulk-carriers, tankers, reefers, passenger vessels and vessels of naval forces. We also provide ship agent’s services for vessels under repair or during dry-dock.

We do know what time and quality means in the marine business.