Underwater Services

Unitek underwater service department is manned by qualified professional divers and engineers with 10 year work experience in the ports of Europe, Africa’s regions and etc./ The underwater team and technicians are fully committed to maintaining the highest levels of service and professionalism and performs the operations in compliance with the requirements of the international standard systems.

Our team is equipped with the modern implements that enable to make the in-water surveys or general underwater works without the vessel being dry-docked. Upon the customer's request the service can be rendered worldwide.

The range of services:

  • underwater hull, bilge keel, rudder, propeller, sea inlets cleaning. Marine fouling removal  is performed by hydraulic driven “Seaclean” machined which provide effective and smooth cleaning from marine growth and give you a spore free surface without damaging of ship’s paint. All works are carried out daytime or at night. Alongside or at anchorage? And are accompanied with video/photo recording before and after cleaning/repair or inspection;
  • ultrasonic thickness measurements of ship framing, hull, plating, underwater or dry structures;
  • underwater surveys and inspections in accordance with the requirements of the classification societies;
  • underwater welding and cutting of metalware;
  • measurements of rudder clearance and propeller shaft wear-out;
  • repair of the propeller-rudder complex;
  • underwater propeller polishing;
  • general ship’s and hull repairs, renewal of damaged parts, replacement of zinc anodes, installation of housings and bossings;
  • sealing of kingston valves and joints;
  • holes, cracks and damages sealing, patching, securing or welding;
  • withdrawal of ballast water using submersible pumps;
  • search and recovery of anchors, chains, drowned constructions and aggregates;
  • salvage operations;
  • hydro engineering and underwater engineering works, repair or installations and pipelines.